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So glad you are here to let us provide you with our best services and make your experience an enlightened one. For your upcoming travels to any cruise, best get away, be it any wedding in its utmost royal way, group travel events where you make new friends along with making new memories to even making your simple weekends an exotic break, we at Countries and Crossroads help you plan itineraries at its best. To avail our best offers and deals at any moment we are just a click , call or just a meeting away with any of our travel experts!

For your best experiences we provide you with varieties of exuberant themed cruises, including the birthday cruises, photography cruises, family reunion cruises, girls’ weekend cruises, networking events and even for business cruises. We facilitate you with the best to be the perfect fit for you.  With us managing your travels feel free to cruise your way!


Imagine cruising the way you want, your wishes become our demands. We at Countries and Crossroads provide you with all our ships and itineraries according to your need. Each cruise line as well as every cruise has its identity and its distinct personality and we provide you with the best to make your travels cruising its way to your happiness.

Group Travel

“It is not the destination that makes your journey beautiful, it is the people with whom you embark upon the paths that lead you where you wish to go.” Your journey is made memorable with them be it your hobby or your marking off the to – do list of your life, be it your escape from the world. More people you meet along the way, the more learnings and memories you make all along the way.

All-Inclusive Travel

Enroute tranquillity? Dreaming of relaxed times in a five- star all-inclusive seaside resort? It’s challenging to provide it all under one roof , but We provide your beat to the value an all -inclusive resort trip with hotel, meal, entertainment, drinks along with various other fun activities!

Escorted Tours

Experience your exuberant vacation along with the facility of Escorted Tours, that never let you miss any noteworthy attractions and ravish your tour. An experienced tour guide knows the place as any locals do and would show you the place based on your interest. We here arrange your tours with full knowledge, hospitality and passion which ensures you a trip of the lifetime!

Dream Vacations

We all look out for ticking off that one place from our list. That one place that has our head and heart. Thinking one day ... just one day we would be there enjoying the time of our life! DON’T JUST WAIT! Come with us on our journey to make your journey memorable where we offer you the best of our services exclusively FREE- FREE- FREE.

Caribbean Travel

Whether be it for fun or a memorable family vacation or if you are looking for a five- star luxury adults- only romantic break, THE CARRIBEAN is the perfect location for it all. With perfect location and full of luxurious resort choices we got you covered all at once. With all services under one roof, we give you greater savings and ease up the load on your pocket.

If you have set your heart on astounding tour to Alaska, a luxurious private villa rental, a special group cruise, or be it just your getaway on a Caribbean Cruise, Suzi got you covered! As we At Countries and Crossroads are building every minute to give you the experience of a lifetime and best memories, we choreograph your dreams into reality!



Live life with no excuses, travel with no regret


Countries and Crossroads is built to offer you uninterrupted services at any hour. With seamless booking, having affordable priced plans, personalized attention and customized itineraries to great packages and stress- free travel. You name it we got it! Thus, with our great services we lead at high customer satisfaction, higher trustworthiness and grow in providing plenty more options for you to choose from. 


With our experience and knowledge acquired crew of the place on board with us we provide you with best recommendations, well – equipped travel guides with insider tips and stories and reviews. With US by your side, CREATE LIFETIME MEMORIES; plan and travel in ease, leaving worries aside.