Transatlantic Cruises

Sailing has always been associated to Old World and Royal way of life. Sailing on Transatlantic cruise is the top notch option to be an example of living such life. As under the maritime customs includes dressing up for dinner, relishing the afternoon tea with views of the wide horizons, later in the evening you enjoy the stargazing along with mingling with the guests and socializing with new mates sharing the common interest of sailing and moreover share the love for the sea; similarly you experience it all under one space and makes your cruising experience ultra special and magnificent.

Through your Transatlantic Cruising Experience you unwind yourself to new calmness while you enjoy the world-class services and enriching activities marking new realms of adventures. And memories in your lifetime.

We at Countries and Crossroads provide you with Classic Cruise Experience at your bay, along with Transatlantic Excursions which enrich your knowledge about the history, culture and architecture of the place you visit to. You got the dream of traversing from coast to coast? Whether you are the sea adventurer, beach bum or the hyped-up adventure soul …WE GOT YOU! 

We provide you with long listed packages with stunning locations ticked off across Africa and Europe. We give you the experience of lifetime as we believe that there is nothing more enticing, disenchanting and enslaving than the life you live at sea.

We can’t wait to choreograph a dream vacation or cruise for you or your group!

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