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In 2007 I began a three month travel around the world; it was one of the most adventurous trips of my life.  During the trip we played golf in three different countries, lived on a Live-Aboard on the Great Barrier Reef for a week, and went to Micronesia where only three percent of the world travel to in their life time.  We are blessed to tell such amazing and exotic stories, let me jump right into the story where I was born and raised.

Denver, Colorado we boarded a flight to Las Angeles, California where we stayed for the night and cruised the boardwalk on Venice Beach, and the next morning we took a flight to Hawaii one of the most beautiful places to visit.  We explored the island of Oahu, riding around on mopeds which are a thrilling way to get around on the streets, also stopping and taking pictures. Sun bathing on the perfect Waikiki beach, body surfing the waves, kayaking out to a bird sanctuary, zip lining through the rainforest, playing golf on one of the most spectacular courses.

Next stop was Guam a connecting island to the rest of the stops in our itinerary, even the short time staying in Guam we still managed to play golf on a military base, because we were American citizens and get a lot of sun tanning time in. The longest part of our trip was Australia. We landed in Cairns, Australia and stayed at a four star hotel, we did so many excursions it would take a book to fill out every detail. For short we played golf, went on the most amazing thrill seeking adventure of the rainforest with Peaches; this is a must do. Zip Lining through the jungle, feed kangaroos, went to the Australian zoo, went on the Kuranda skyrail, a picture perfect ride over waterfalls and the jungle, until you reach a unbelievable town Kuranda, and also stayed on a Live-Aboard on the Great Barrier Reef which is a scuba divers dream come true.

Back to Guam to go Palau, Micronesia for more scuba diving, this is one of the best keep secrets of travel. Perfect white sand beaches, some of the top scuba diving in the world, Jelly Fish Lake which should be one of the wonders of the world, and the views are breath taking from the natural beauty of the islands and the WWII ship wrecks, airplane crashes, lookout towers, and the weapons left behind. This was so unbelievable.

The last stop of the trip was Japan it truly is a different world over there, the train rides are packed full, the thousands of bikes, crowded intersections, all of this makes for an exciting place to see. This trip was so much fun and easy to plan, Just wait until the next trip with the family.

  1. I’ve been wanting to travel the world for a long time now. Can you help?

  2. I sure can! Just call or e-mail us and I’d love to help you out.

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