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I’m Back With a New Facelift!

It is Springtime, a time for new beginnings. The sun rays on the dew of the grass appears like silver crystals on the blades of grass. The gorgeous colors and fragrance of all the flowers being placed in all the right places to show their brilliance is fun to see.  Watching the new season appear is fun to watch and creates a smile for me, another new memory being made. The smile that goes from your lips to your heart. One of those Aha Moments, it just happens and is hard to explain the feeling, you just know it is something good happening. We are tending our gardens, already picking the weeds so we can stay on top of an impending weed problem growing. I am doing that with my business as well.  We are getting a fresh new website and a new scuba forum to be found under links, and are excited for you to check us out! Although, I am not new to the industry, this new look of the site renders me to begrateful for everything new.  It is the excitement from the first call that we receive saying that the group coordinator wants to meet for a consultation, to the steps that naturally happen. Getting to know the thoughts, ideas and learning the culture of the client’s needs.  Planning and executing that group from the costing to the traveling to the destination. Being among the group day and night, laughing and experiencing what they are discovering in their location. Bringing to life the trip to Ephesus, Turkey. Traveling by bus to the ancient ruins, stopping to have a group picture that will create memories for all those faces that are looking at the camera. The trip to the last home that Mother Mary lived. Giving each person the holy water that is in such a beautiful glass container as they leave and get on the bus, they are so thrilled and we are now pulling into have a 4 course Turkish meal while watching the locals spin a Turkish rug… one is unhappy with the trip. That is our promise to you on your next group…World Class Service. We are excited to hear from you and to help you create memory after memory, year after year, season after season.

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